Friday, November 26, 2010

Positive Vibrations

There should never be a time when you stop living your life!  I  constantly am reminded of how much to be GRATEFUL for as just a few short years ago I was doing the same thing week-in and week-out and always taking the WRONG kind of risks.  Today, I am teaching kids, go figure, traveling to beautiful places, learning how to adapt to different cultures and communicate, and living passions I only thought I could dream of.  The people you meet along the way, even if for a short time, reflect the way one lives their lives.  The people you will meet in life have a direct correlation with the energy that is vibrating from your inner being. Dale and Emily were two of those people that we had such a privelidge of getting to know here in Korea.  And as it goes when living in a foreign country doing what we do, there comes a time when you say goodbye, for now.

The soccer team I have been playing for,  the Daegu FC Deer are in second place right now, with Bradshaw and I the two leading forwards in the league with a combined 30 goals in 8 games.  I know, I know its what we do.  I love playing futball with these guys and it has really brought a sense of comradary that makes Korea feel a little more like home.

Korea is filled with amazing culture and tradition everywhere you turn.  I continue to be surprised with the generosity and compassion the Korean Culture has as a whole.  Jamie and I have ventured to amazing towns, cities, beaches, temples, grotto's, tombs, islands, and soon to Bali, Indonesia.  There comes a time in every man's life where he must make a deciosion to tak action and follow his dreams.  This is a learning and growing period of my life that is filled with a wide range of emotions.   Follow you passion, your heart, keep an open mind and never plan to much.  Let the flow of energy run its course and things will happen to you that will take YOUR BREATHE AWAY!

Now here's the REAL good stuff...

Listen!  I have mountains in my backyard, oceans an hour train ride away, and amazing Korean culture everywhere I look... So here's a little taste:

Palgong-san= a beautiful provincial park right in my back yard.  

Busan= Had my first surfing experience and to say the least it won't be my last.

Palgong-san Provincial Park

Sunday, September 26, 2010

This World is Just Awesome

With new adventures in the past few weeks, Jamie and I have been experience this world in a whole new perspective.  Whether its taking a bullet train for 10 bucks back from the beaches in Busan or a 10 dollar bus from the islands off the coast near Tongyeong, this world is just AWESOME.  I can not put into the words the beauty that this world holds for those who go out and seek its miraculous wonders.  We never know what's going to happen when we open our minds and let the energy of the world take you by surprise.

Jamie and I have been experiencing amazing beaches, Temples, islands, mountains, and the korean culture like none other.  The Yoggunsan Temple in Busan is one of the most amazing places I have seen to date.  A gorgeous Temple place directly on the ocean on the side of a cliff!  Gwagnalli Beach at night with the lit up bridge and the awesome people walking along the beachside.  To the great couple Beoyong son and Cheryl (Sorry B if I spellled your name wrong) whom we had only met that day who opened there home to Jamie and I to stay the weekend with our friend Shaun whom they sponsor through their surf shop.  We also met an awesome flamenco guitar duo from Texas and of all places the couple went to Texas Tech, Jamie to say the least was EXCITED.

On Yokjido Island, we met a family on the ferry on the way to the island exchanging food, we gave them grapes they gave us fish jerky, which almost made me vomit.  Whom were very welcoming and interested in who we were, more than we knew at the time.  When we got to the island, Jamie and I had no real clue on what to do so we started to wonder and saw a man with hus children riding around in a dune-buggy which we thought we could possibly rent.  It turned out to be the case and we rented a dune-buggy and drove it completely around the island to see some of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life.

Later that night after we checked into our love motel, yea Love Motel, we were really hungry so we ventured off to find a place to eat.  As we were walking the same family we met on the boat invited us over for some fresh cuttlefish and other fresh fish straight from the sea, some better than others, and korean whiskey.  The father kept insisting I drink with him, which is an insult of sorts in Korea not to drink when offered, but he finally gave up and they invited us back to their home on the port looking out on the harvest moon for a Korean BBQ.  Wow, what an experience.  One of the daughters was about Jamie's age and a singer in Seoul.  She spoke a little bit of english and actually sang us her single!  It was truly one of those life changing expereinces where a family that you had breifly acknowledged on a ferry invites you into their home for such an awesome dinner.

The next morning took the wrong ferry as we were tying to go to these islands connected by a sand lot of sorts and eneded up going to the port of Tongyeong which is where we started but where at the other end of the city.  A Korean cop, on vacation and had been hiking, led us back into the main city, where he pointed us in the right direction of the ferry port if we wanted to go to bijindo island.  Instead, we decided we were tired of ferry riding for the weekend and took the Tongyeong Gondola up to the top of Mt. Mireuksan and then hiked to the SUMMIT!  A moment of peace and freedom came over me like I had never expereinced before.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Park's, Kiddo's, IBPF, and Friends

Every morning I walk to school I pass by two parks that constantly remind me of the culture I have entered in to.  The green hills in the back drop, the many trees I walk under giving Jamie and I shade as we walk to school, and the music playing in one ear and the other listening to Jamie and the sounds of the morning. This passed week I went to the top of my apartment building where the owner of the building has beautiful plants all along the border of the roof top with a really cool glass enclosed library of sorts where he definitely goes to get his quiet time.  He was very welcoming although I think I startled him at first as he was trimming and sweeping up the leaves of his plants and didn't notice me at first.  The view from my rooftop is beautiful and we are already planning to have a BBQ as soon as it gets a little cooler.

The kid's that I have in my classes are nothing less than spectacular.  Although they are consistently filled with enthusiasm and need for attention their ability to comprehend the language is astonishing.  The age difference in Korea is pushed forward one year as they count the first year in the mother's womb as part of your overall age.  So in Korean age I am actually closer to 28 than 27, YIKES!  Not only did I travel to the future I got older at the same time.  I had my first week of full classes last week which I endured because of the craziness that as this month.  All this week I had 6 exams to give, grade, and complete for my afternoon classes.  Not to mention I didn't know I had to give half of them!  Furthermore, every two months my morning classes change rooms... We have themed rooms such as McDonald's Room, Universe Room, 7-11, etc... And my co-teacher (Becky) and I had to transfer all their books, colored pencils, drawings, and projects to the different rooms.  By the way the name of my two classes are DOVE and PANDA.  And while all this is going on all of my books for my afternoon classes change next week so I have been developing lesson plans, home connections, and matching which books go with what class and co-teacher.  I can tell you with honesty though it feels amazing to have this kind of responsibility and accountability to these kids and to Wonderland.  They TRUST me to do an excellent job and that means going to ANY LENGTHS to make sure that happens.

Yesterday Jamie and I met up with some of my new found brothers (Soccer Gents) and we walked to the annual International Body Painting Festival (IBPF, see pics below).  Jamie finally got to meet some really cool chicks which for both of us is AWESOME!!  She started talking to me about shoes and dresses and such, and I knew immediate action must be taken.  But, as we are walking into the park we take a wrong turn and we see these two old Koreans (man and a woman) literally fighting in the park.  Now imagine two 60+ year old Koreans fighting and hitting each other in the woods of a park...  It was funny but only to an extent and we just kept on walking. The festival was filled with amazing body painting artwork and a great environment for families, friends, and the like to have a relaxing Saturday afternoon in the park.  There were bands playing, people getting Henna and their faces painted, and laying on the nice grass, which is a rarity in Korea, was a necessity.

A new friend of mine Gary who is actually leaving on Monday whom I began playing futbol with two weeks ago every Thursday night with the Koreans on my backyard pitches, invited us out Friday night for his going away party of sorts and to meet some really cool people.  And that's just it!  The type of vibes and energy that we put out into the world we will receive back invariably.  It blows me away that in such a short time we have met people like Gary, Matt, Shaun, Dave, Jon, and the like that remind me constantly that no matter where you go that energy will be received and reciprocated.  Jamie and I have started a new life in Korea, with real bad ass people, and look forward to continue to share it with all of you out there in this beautiful world of ours!

Views from my rooftop!

Parks as I walk to school every morning.

The Kiddo's!

International Body Painting Festival

It's not nice to stare!

Korean Indian Folk Band... Pretty funny if you ask me.  They actually put on a CD and were lip playing some of the instruments, but they were still cool.

My PIC of the IBPF!