Sunday, September 26, 2010

This World is Just Awesome

With new adventures in the past few weeks, Jamie and I have been experience this world in a whole new perspective.  Whether its taking a bullet train for 10 bucks back from the beaches in Busan or a 10 dollar bus from the islands off the coast near Tongyeong, this world is just AWESOME.  I can not put into the words the beauty that this world holds for those who go out and seek its miraculous wonders.  We never know what's going to happen when we open our minds and let the energy of the world take you by surprise.

Jamie and I have been experiencing amazing beaches, Temples, islands, mountains, and the korean culture like none other.  The Yoggunsan Temple in Busan is one of the most amazing places I have seen to date.  A gorgeous Temple place directly on the ocean on the side of a cliff!  Gwagnalli Beach at night with the lit up bridge and the awesome people walking along the beachside.  To the great couple Beoyong son and Cheryl (Sorry B if I spellled your name wrong) whom we had only met that day who opened there home to Jamie and I to stay the weekend with our friend Shaun whom they sponsor through their surf shop.  We also met an awesome flamenco guitar duo from Texas and of all places the couple went to Texas Tech, Jamie to say the least was EXCITED.

On Yokjido Island, we met a family on the ferry on the way to the island exchanging food, we gave them grapes they gave us fish jerky, which almost made me vomit.  Whom were very welcoming and interested in who we were, more than we knew at the time.  When we got to the island, Jamie and I had no real clue on what to do so we started to wonder and saw a man with hus children riding around in a dune-buggy which we thought we could possibly rent.  It turned out to be the case and we rented a dune-buggy and drove it completely around the island to see some of the most amazing views I have ever seen in my life.

Later that night after we checked into our love motel, yea Love Motel, we were really hungry so we ventured off to find a place to eat.  As we were walking the same family we met on the boat invited us over for some fresh cuttlefish and other fresh fish straight from the sea, some better than others, and korean whiskey.  The father kept insisting I drink with him, which is an insult of sorts in Korea not to drink when offered, but he finally gave up and they invited us back to their home on the port looking out on the harvest moon for a Korean BBQ.  Wow, what an experience.  One of the daughters was about Jamie's age and a singer in Seoul.  She spoke a little bit of english and actually sang us her single!  It was truly one of those life changing expereinces where a family that you had breifly acknowledged on a ferry invites you into their home for such an awesome dinner.

The next morning took the wrong ferry as we were tying to go to these islands connected by a sand lot of sorts and eneded up going to the port of Tongyeong which is where we started but where at the other end of the city.  A Korean cop, on vacation and had been hiking, led us back into the main city, where he pointed us in the right direction of the ferry port if we wanted to go to bijindo island.  Instead, we decided we were tired of ferry riding for the weekend and took the Tongyeong Gondola up to the top of Mt. Mireuksan and then hiked to the SUMMIT!  A moment of peace and freedom came over me like I had never expereinced before.