Friday, November 26, 2010

Positive Vibrations

There should never be a time when you stop living your life!  I  constantly am reminded of how much to be GRATEFUL for as just a few short years ago I was doing the same thing week-in and week-out and always taking the WRONG kind of risks.  Today, I am teaching kids, go figure, traveling to beautiful places, learning how to adapt to different cultures and communicate, and living passions I only thought I could dream of.  The people you meet along the way, even if for a short time, reflect the way one lives their lives.  The people you will meet in life have a direct correlation with the energy that is vibrating from your inner being. Dale and Emily were two of those people that we had such a privelidge of getting to know here in Korea.  And as it goes when living in a foreign country doing what we do, there comes a time when you say goodbye, for now.

The soccer team I have been playing for,  the Daegu FC Deer are in second place right now, with Bradshaw and I the two leading forwards in the league with a combined 30 goals in 8 games.  I know, I know its what we do.  I love playing futball with these guys and it has really brought a sense of comradary that makes Korea feel a little more like home.

Korea is filled with amazing culture and tradition everywhere you turn.  I continue to be surprised with the generosity and compassion the Korean Culture has as a whole.  Jamie and I have ventured to amazing towns, cities, beaches, temples, grotto's, tombs, islands, and soon to Bali, Indonesia.  There comes a time in every man's life where he must make a deciosion to tak action and follow his dreams.  This is a learning and growing period of my life that is filled with a wide range of emotions.   Follow you passion, your heart, keep an open mind and never plan to much.  Let the flow of energy run its course and things will happen to you that will take YOUR BREATHE AWAY!

Now here's the REAL good stuff...

Listen!  I have mountains in my backyard, oceans an hour train ride away, and amazing Korean culture everywhere I look... So here's a little taste:

Palgong-san= a beautiful provincial park right in my back yard.  

Busan= Had my first surfing experience and to say the least it won't be my last.

Palgong-san Provincial Park