Thursday, April 21, 2011

Moments like these....

Two of our best friends here in Korea are Dustin and Lia.  And let me tell you just how small this world is and how we came to be.  My mom, what up GABY!,  practically lives on Lake Texoma on her boat or riding around on her lawn mower in the front yard of her lake house.  And if you have ever met my mom you know she is one awesome fun lady.  So her being on her boat with Randy one weekend, on Lake Texoma, doing what she so loves to do, drinkin a cold beer and enjoying the nice sunshine and friendly faces, talking to god knows who met a woman (Lia's Mom).  After a bit they both realized that both of them had one of their own in Daegu, South Korea teaching English.  After skype-ing with my mom, and her excitingly telling me about this couple she met, and their daughter teaching in Daegu, we found Lia on facebook, met her and Dustin for dinner at our favorite little Italian restaraunt Into (literally 5 tables), and became friends for life.

The reasons for travelling to new places is an endless list with different goals in mind, but the most important for me is to experience every day with an open mind and to reflect and internalize every moment you can.  This past weekend was one of those where I came to appreciate the interconnectedness that we all have on this earth.  Lia and Dustin remind us of our home in Texas, the friends and family we will soon see, and the appreciation for meeting new people all over this world.

Cherry Blossoms, Bulguksa, Seokugram, Bonum Lake (Gyeongju, South Korea)

Dustin and I sword-fighting in the 1,000 year old toilet

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival

After Jamie and I spent an Amazing 24 hours with Mr. Heintz down on Haeundae Beach, Busan, ROK, the following morning Jamie and I travelled about an hour and a half away to Jinhae to experience the biggest Cherry Blossom Festival in Korea.  Cherry Blossoms only bloom for around 2 weeks out of the entire year and during these two weeks celebrations are held all over Korea.  Everywhere we walked Cherry Blossom Trees waved in the wind and it was as if we were walking through snow.  As the wind blows the pedals from the cherry blossoms fall and move through the air in a way I have never seen before.  I am continually taken back at the natural beauty this world has to offer, all we have to do is go out and seek it!

Cuban Cigars, Outdoor Spas, Haeundae Beach Bliss

Jamie and I traveled down to Busan, South Korea to spend an evening with one of my best friend's (Katie Momma) dad  Mr. Steve Heintz.  To say the least it was a 24 hours to remember.  From a warm welcoming from Mr. Moon aka. Smokey and Mr. Heintz at the KTX station to Cuban Cigars, A Felipino Rock Band, and an AMAZING view of Haeundae Beach and the Ocean form our hotel balcony,  it's just what we needed after a 6 month long treturous winter here in South Korea!

We woke up early the next morning to enjoy the most spectacular outdoor spa with a breathtaking view of Haeundae Beach.  We could not thank Mr. Heintz enough for the hospitality and generosity he showed towards Jamie and Me!  Here's a little taste of the first 24 hours of our EPIC weekend here in the first month of the SPRING TIME IN KOREA!

Jamie, Me, and Mr. Heintz Smokin Cubans @ Charlie's

Mr. Heintz and Smokey

Outdoor spa overlooking Haeundae Beach @ The Paradise Hotel

View From Our Balcony