Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Lotus Flower

I haven't written in my blog for over a year from when we last left South Korea!!!!  Jamie and I are currently in Sukhothai, Thailand, to be exact in the ancient ruins of the Old City.  After dropping everything back home in Austin, Texas within two weeks quitting our jobs selling the car and packing.  Moving to Japan was to say the least a HUGE risk.  But that's what life is about taking risks and LIVING!

After about a week we found out about what our school was really about and thus why we are no longer in Japan and now backpacking through Asia!  You learn how things can work out more amazing than you could have ever imagined even when in the very moment it seems like a catastrophe. So we heard about the Perhentian Islands from a friend and headed off on September 1st for 10 days.

In order to even reach the Islands you must take two flights, one into Kuala Lumpur the second into the city of Khota Barhu.  Second, an hour van transfer to Kuala Besut to take a 30 minute ferry to the islands which everyone must pay a $3 dollar conservation donation to maintain and keep the Preservation of the islands and the marine life of the Islands.  It is designated as a Conservation Marine Park and The Perhentian Islands have two islands named Kecil (Small) and Besar (Big).

Honestly, these 10 days were the most Amazing and beautiful of my life.   The beauty of the marine life, the beaches, the people and with the ENGAGEMENT of JAMIE and I and my birthday thereafter, we were both left speechless from our experience on The Perhentian Islands.

This blog post is dedicated to MY LOTUS FLOWER!

The Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

The Clearest Water I have ever seen!

Maya Snorkeling Trip:

Swimming with 100 year old Sea Turtles

Reef Sharks!!!!!

Jamie's Favorite... Nimo's


Mira Beach where i Proposed!


Turtle Beach (My 29th Birthday)

The only way you can get here is by boat!  No resorts, hotels, bars, the PERFECT BEACH!

If you would like to see the complete album please visit my Facebook photo album Lotus Flower

Jamie and I spent these 10 magical days discovering love and a bond between each other that only Love can build.  Between the lush island jungle and the beautiful clear blue, Green, white sea I got down on one knee and asked her to spend the rest of her life with me as my wife.  We snorkeled with Sharks, Turtles, and some of the most beautiful untouched coral reefs on the planet.  We smoked Shisha on the beach while the stars shinned bright, and relaxed in our hammocks in the heat of the day.  Met amazing people, "The Oceans Three" you know who you are!, ate delicious freshly grilled fish, and when we left we both knew that we had just experienced HEAVEN ON EARTH!